Mircrosite development to help promote a specific product or service

Microsites are 2 to 3 page websites that are focused on a particular product or service, or to provide editorial commentary.  Microsites are useful for providing in depth focused content to entice both potential customers and current customers to purchase that product or service, or to provide in-depth focused information. 

Microsites are useful for providing your potential customers and sales associates with additional information about a product or service that your company does.  Microsites can be used for just about anything, from a focused site on a holiday, to the latest technical advancement in a product that is for sale.

Some examples of microsite content as reported in Wikipedia include:

  • Editorial content on microsites
    • A party store might produce a microsite about a particular holiday.
    • A community organization may produce a microsite about a specific event or service.
  • Commercial content on microsites
    • A car manufacturer might present a microsite on a new hybrid vehicle and the hybrid technology that is used in it.
    • A retail business might present in-depth information on a particular product to help potential customers understand the product better and what it can do.

Simply put, microsites are very useful for providing more focused information than might otherwise be posted on your corporate or main website.  Just like landing pages, Microsites provide additional opportunities for enhanced and sharply focused relevant content to a visitor's keyword search.  

Microsites typically include several pages of content and follow a general website layout concept.  There is the home page, which provides an overview of your product, service or editorial content, a second page that provides the bulk of the specific information and finally, a call to action with a contact page of some kind.  

Take, for example, the doo-hicky that is manufactured by Bob's Gizmos and Gadgets.  Bob wants to emphasize how the doo-hicky makes your every day life easier, but doesn't want to clutter up the Gizmos and Gadgets website, so he creates a microsite about the doo-hicky.  By focusing on the functionality and capabilities of the doo-hicky, he provides a needed service to his potential customers by explaining and showing exactly how his doo-hicky can be used to improve a person's every day life.

At One Web Company, we will review your microsite needs in a top-down fashion, starting with your business and marketing goals and taking the project through completion, creating a focused SEO optimized microsite about your product or service.