Website Maintenance

A Website Maintenance Plan Offers Peace Of Mind Allowing You To Focus On Your Business

Ensuring your website is well maintained provides your potential customers with the best possible user experience and the latest information.  One of our specialties is providing your visitors with a seamless experience while performing website maintenance and upgrades to your website or application.

Maintenance, the dreaded M word! No matter what kind of website you have, website maintenance is needed on your website or web application.  The best way to avoid costly overhauls in the future is to keep on top of the "care and feeding" of your website.  Maintenance comes in various forms, from content and updates to your site layout, to software updates and enhancements for security and new feature additions to your site.

One Web Company offers both pre-paid and post-paid maintenance programs for your website or application.  All maintenance contracts come with monthly site review, monthly security scans and monthly email blacklist scanning to ensure your site presents the best and safest experience to your visitors and customers.  Remember: If your website isn't working for you to boost your business, it is a liability and not an asset.  One Web Company's website maintenance plans focus to keep your site working for you.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems, and the various components, modules and associated plugins, are undergoing updates for new features, bug fixes and security enhancements all the time.  At One Web Company, our website maintenance starts with your underlying software infrastructure.  If your software is up to date, your website will run better and provide a better user experience for your potential and current customers.  Have a new feature you would like added?  No problem.  Under your maintenance plan, you can use the allocated hours to add that new feature.   

Custom Application Systems

Custom applications can be challenging, especially as new versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache are released.  If you are using enhanced editors on your site, it is important to ensure that your code is at the latest release of those enhanced editors to ensure the security and integrity of your application.  Under your maintenance plan, just as with Content Management Systems, you can use the allocated hours to add new features as well. 

Content Updates

Read any SEO blog in the world and you will see that fresh and relevant content are key to gaining and maintaining good Search Engine rankings.  Our website maintenance programs include deploying new or updated content to your website.  Don't have time to update your own content?  No problem!  Our staff of copy writers are at your disposal under your maintenance contract to produce new and innovative content for your website or blog.  

Hack Recovery

No security system is fool-proof.  The best, most secure system in the world - as long as it is connected to the public internet - is vulnerable to hacking.  With enough time and unabated effort, any website or application can be hacked.  It is not a question of IF your site will be hacked, it is a question of WHEN your site will be hacked.  One Web Company will work with you to recover your site back to secure operational status and help you to secure your website or application to limit current and future vulnerabilities.  Once your site is cleaned up, we will work with the black-listing agencies to have your site removed from the black list.

Use the form below to inquire about our website maintenance programs. We provide peace of mind when it comes to your website so you can focus on running your business.

 Use the form below to inquire about our maintenance programs.