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When they can point to all of the past successes in SEO they've secured for their clients, it is the absolute best proof and validation that the SEO firm you select is the ideal one to get the job done right. We've heard them and it's a good bet that you have too. We're referring to the SEO horror stories about less than effective people doing SEO for a site and it has zero effect. That really bugs us! Because it puts a negative spin on the value of SEO across the board.

Being an SEO firm San Diego companies have had nothing but great success with, we want to help those "other guys" into another line of work! In fact, just last week we were speaking with a local dentist who we know we could get great results for, but his numerous bad experiences with SEO has pushed him to try Pay-Per-Click or simply "PPC" aka Google Adwords before giving us a shot with his site. PPC is great and we use it often to compliment our SEO strategies, but make no mistake about it: every company needs to have a solid SEO strategy in place — regardless of what they choose to do with their paid online advertising efforts. We've "been there/done that" for many years with regard to SEO, and that's how we've become the "goto" SEO firm San Diego trusts to get the job done right and get those first page rankings working for them — working to bring in prospects searching the numerous phrases pertinent to their business.

The reasons for setting up and maintaining a strong SEO approach with your marketing are many, but here are a few top ones:

  • SEO is working for you 24/7/365.
    Chances are if you set up a PPC campaign, it will target prime hours of the day, and prime days of the week. You may even find that you turn it off for holidays. That's a good way to contain the cost, but you miss out on people searching at night and on weekends — which a lot of business people do these days.
  • SEO results/effectiveness grows over time.
    SEO done correctly from an SEO Firm San Diego loves — with an ongoing focus, will continue to produce ever more effective results. In other words, as you continue to "massage and prune" your existing pages, while routinely adding new pages, the effect is cumulative. Each ranking will bring in more visitors, and more visitors will encourage Google to boost your rankings on other phrases, which brings in more traffic, and the cycle spirals upwards. Contrast that with PPC that you either pay for it or not. No added value over time.
  • SEO is comprehensive
    Compared to PPC which you get a scant 60 or so characters plus all sorts of other restrictions, with SEO you can focus on as many phrases with as many words as you need to convey the unique selling points of you product/service.
  • User Receptiveness
    The truth is that the average user shies away from the paid ads in Google in favor of the "organic" listings i.e. those results that are shown based on SEO work done by the listed sites/companies. The reasons for this are many, but among the top one is after you've clicked on a few paid ads and have gotten everything but the info you're really after, you feel "betrayed" by paid ads. Once bitten twice shy!

These are just a few of the very may reasons a good SEO firm San Diego relies on can give you for reasons to call on an expert as you embark on a strategic SEO plan for your company. Call us and we can give you a good many more.

SEO experts at One Web are standing by to answer andy and all questions you might have about how we got to be the SEO firm San Diego call most. All we can say is give us a call and you'll find out why: 619-500-6252.


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