Responsive Websites

mobile ready websites

The simplest offering is to provide a mobile website with duplicate content and canonical URL references.  There are several ways to accomplish this offering.  The easiest way, which is not always the best way, is to produce a completely independent website devoted to the mobile market.  Then, deploying a switcher to send a mobile user to your dedicated mobile site will ensure the user has a good experience.

However, this also means that you must maintain two sets of content, and you run the risk of not meeting Google's standards for cross device display. If you are not sure if your site meets Google's standards, check Google's mobile friendly test.

At One Web Company, we strive to keep the work you have to do to a minimum.  We approach mobile sites from a maintainability standpoint.  You, or a valuable resource on your team, has taken the time to create good, relevant content for your visitors.  Utilizing that content across your web offerings is the most sensible way to keep your website maintenance costs down.  

thumb indianchildandfamilyResponsive Design DisplaySince Google has started reducing a site's Search Engine Position Rank (SERP) if the site does not display well on all devices, our strongest recommendation is that you evaluate your current website, and if it is not built using Responsive Web Design (RWD) standards, that we redevelop the site structure to allow your site to be responsive.   There are several advantages to building your website responsively:

  • The site will adjust to the variable screen widths that are presented by the various devices used for browsing the web today.
  • You will not be at risk for duplicate content, and the penalties associated with that from all of the search engines.
  • People will be able to share URLS with each other easily, without having to strip the Mobile designation from the URL.

If updating your current design is not feasible, or cost effective, One Web Company will work with you to determine the best course of action, whether that is a full site redesign to allow for Responsive development of your new site, or developing a mobile version of your site that leverages the content contained in your Content Management System (CMS).  Google has stated that a redirect to a mobile subdomain (the m. website) will not count against the site rankings according to Moz.  For more information on this, please see the Moz article 9 Things You Need to Know About Google's Mobile-Friendly Update.

The bottom line is: we will work with you to build a mobile website that meets your needs, and Google's expectations, without having to maintain duplicate content and information in multiple places.