Phone and Tablet App Development

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    Tablet Apps

    Supporting iOS, Android or both, One Web Company will work with you to bring your product to market.  From sales tools, such as brochure apps that showcase business capabilities to building business apps that help field representatives record and do their work, One Web Company can build the application you need to increase productivity.

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    Phone Apps

    Whether working with iOS, Android or both, One Web Company can bring your dream to life.  We have worked with clients to produce mobile apps, from content management systems such as Joomla, to building custom mobile apps that tie back to a website management interface.

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    Responsive Websites

    The simplest offering is to provide a mobile website with duplicate content and canonical URL references.  There are several ways to accomplish this offering.  The easiest way, which is not always the best way, is to produce a completely independent website devoted to the mobile market.  Then, deploying a switcher to send a mobile user to your dedicated mobile site will ensure the user has a good experience.