Squeeze and Landing Pages

Squeeze pages landing pages

Are you getting ready to launch a new service or product?  Do you want to draw specific focus to one of your existing services or products?  One Web Company provides design and development of squeeze or landing pages for your business offerings.

Landing pages may be used for a variety of purposes, from growing your e-news marketing list to capturing leads for cultivating visitors into customers.  Whether you are running a special offer, or providing focused information on a service or product, landing pages are an important part of your business tool suite that will help improve your marketing Return on Investment. 

It all starts with identifying the type of potential client that you are targeting.  This is also known as developing a buyer persona.  With that knowledge, we will work with you to design and build a landing page, either independently of your website CMS, or in conjunction with your website CMS.  

Landing pages provide focused information about a specific service or product.  These pages provide you with the opportunity to provide more in-depth information about that product or service. 

At One Web Company, we work with you to define your specific goals with regard to the page that is to be created.  We start with your business goals, followed by your specific marketing goals for this landing page.  Once these two items are defined, we work with you on the design process to match your corporate or personal branding to produce a page that will encourage your visitors to become your customers.