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Social Media is the latest in building brand awareness, interaction with your customer base, as well as increasing the visibility of your company. Search Engine Land defines Social Media Marketing as the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that allow their users to perform different social updates.

From the "micro-blogging" of twitter, to the "status updates" from Facebook, to the gaining of knowledge from lesser known Social Media sites such as Quora, all of these work to help build brand awareness and permit open communications with your customers and potential customers.

Social Media only works if you are actively using the Social Media Sites you are signed up with, and not all Social Media sites are going to be right for your business or clientele.   Our dedicated Social Media consultants will work with you to develop the right Social Media implementation for your business.

Social Media Marketing speaks to people directly.  Facebook has more than 700 million users.  Twitter has more than 500 million users.  These are, of course, the two most used social networks in the world.  However, the beauty of Social Media Marketing is that there are many social networks and there will, almost certainly, be one that speaks to your target demographic.  Reaching those people takes time.  Building a fan base requires nurturing those people to become advocates of your business.  This can take a significant amount of time and can be a drain on your business resources. 

One Web Company offers Social Media Marketing in a variety of ways.  There is the more limited Business Promotions, which falls under our Search Engine Marketing plans, to running Social campaigns to build your presence and brand recognition.  Our Social Campaign management will engage your existing fan base and encourage the the spread of your campaign to their friends through the use of contests, sweepstakes and games.  Finally, we offer full Social Media engagement.  

Business Promotions

social-media-marketing-advertising-cyclePromoting your business on Social networks through the use of targeted ads designed to engage people and grow your fan base through PPC and CPM campaigns permits you to market to unknown people.  These promotions will encourage traffic to your website, as well as traffic to your business page.  These campaigns are able to target just about any demographic profile, bounded by any of the metrics that are available, including but not limited to:

  • Geographic location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Job title
  • Interest
  • Relationship to your fan page

By targeting the demographics that you want, you spend your advertising dollars only on those people most likely to convert into your customers.  

We will work with you to develop your advertising objectives.  This will help to identify what you want to do, as there is a big difference between an objective to sell products or generate leads, and building brand awareness or increasing the size of your social community. 

Once we understanding your advertising objectives, we will develop your social media advertising campaign, including identifying the measurable goals of the campaign, determining your target audience and the establishment of the best social network(s) to advertise on.  We will then develop your ads and identify where there will be a need for A/B testing.  

Upon execution of your campaign, we will continue to monitor its effectiveness and review the A/B testing, culminating in a report of the work that has been done and recommendations for future campaigns or alterations to your current campaign for better results.

 Social Media Campaign Management

Engaging your customer base to keep them returning to your fan page, and to your website, increases the potential that your current customers will be come repeat customers.  Creating and managing Social Media campaigns structured around rewarding your current customer base, and encouraging new potential customers to become fans, is a critical part of growing your business.  One Web Company will work with you to identify different viral campaigns that will encourage your users to promote your website and fan page to their friends by utilizing social media viral campaigns centered around those rewards.  This will stimulate attention to your fan page and website, drawing new people to your business offerings.   

Social Media Engagement Management

Social Media Engagement is done on a per social network basis.  Not sure which social networks are right for you?  One Web Company will listen to you and work with you to determine which social networks are the right ones for you to engage your customer base.  When we start, we review your current social media offerings, your products and services and advise you on which sites are currently working, which sites are not currently working, as well as recommend other sites that may bring you a better return on investment with Social Media.  We will present the Social Media development plan for your acceptance and after fine tuning based on your feedback, we will execute your social media engagement based on that development plan.

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