Lead Source Tracking

Closed loop lead tracking.  Protect your ROI!

The final step in providing full Return on Investment tracking of your marketing efforts comes from tracking all potential lead sources. Do you have your phone number on your website? How many calls is that phone number generating? How are you tracking the incoming contact forms? Is your sales force trained in how to record inbound leads to accurately record their source?  

All of these are important facets of Lead Source Tracking and are requirements to produce a full understanding of the Return on Investment of your marketing efforts.

When it comes to determining Return on Investment for all of your marketing efforts, Lead Source Tracking is a key component.  Closed Loop Lead Source Tracking ensures that "anything Internet related" is tracked appropriately.  By closing the loop on all avenues, One Web Company can provide your business with the information that it needs to determine your ROI on your internet marketing campaigns, website and blogging. 

Does your company utilize Independent Sales Reps?  If so, how does your company ensure that leads that are garnered from your marketing campaigns are producing results for your company?  One Web Company can answer this question and provide you with exact information on the number of leads generated by your sales reps without having to change anything that they are doing.  

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