Geo-Local Sales Optimization

geo local sales target marketing

Is your company looking to branch out into another territory, but doesn't have an office in that territory yet?  Do you have sales or service personnel who work from home in supporting various regions? One Web Company offers our Geo-Local Sales Optimization plan to provide your company with a virtual sales rep for territories that you would like to expand into.

This service will allow you to:

  • Test market your products and services without going through the expense of opening an office.
  • Test market your products and services by utilizing your existing trained sales force while you are opening a new territory to your products and services.
  • Track for purposes of Return on Investment, the leads generated and the conversion of those leads into paying customers. 

Search engines do not just rely only on an IP Address or the Server Location, but they use many signals including the locations of incoming links, traffic information, social networking information, signals that come from the text (such as zip codes on contact and locations pages, phone numbers and city names), geo-tags and the language of the document, etc. when determining local ranking.

What is local rank?  Simply put, if you only have offices in California that sell your sprockets and someone in Peoria, IL is looking for sprockets, you might come up 10th in their search, while another lesser known, perhaps up and coming competitor in Chicago, IL places first.  Conversely, in California, Arizona and Nevada you solidly rank 1st across the board.  That is local rank.  By opening an office in Peoria, you can now stretch your Local Authority to gain the ranking you desire in an area where you wish to have business.

Local SEO is dependent on several factors. For example, a company may have one central office, but independent sales reps or telecommuting service reps who service separate regions.  This is a great start, but it presents several issues to you as an business with an internet presence.

  1. You either do not have an employee local to the region, and even if you do, you should not list an employee's home address on your website, even with permission.  It is just not safe.
  2. If you do have an employee who is local to the region you want to develop, is the phone number you provide to your customers yours or is it your employee's personal office line?  Can you track the quantity of calls generated by your investment?  If he is commission based, do you know how many leads he is being given vs. how many he’s closing?  Are the leads you’ve worked so hard to get remaining yours?  

Taking both of these items into consideration, how do you tackle opening a new territory without opening a physical office?

Geo-Local Sales Optimization Plans provide your company with the following:

  • Local addresses WORLD WIDE
    • Give customers confidence in your “larger” brand
    • Give valuable local identity to search engines
  • Local phone numbers WORLD WIDE
    • Traceable, recordable (service quality assurance) VOIP  solutions offer you peace of mind when investing in remote regions, guaranteeing reportable ROI
  • Optimized web content that will highlight your product based on regional search traffic in each area your plan supports
    • Example – In Peoria, IL, they may search for sprockets while in Orange, CA they search for gears (both are the exact same product with regional names)
  • Individual landing pages for each location covered by your plan.

These items provide your company with the tools to track not only where your business comes from, but provides a "physical presence" that is required by the search engines for having a "local" presence.  As their computers become more and more intuitive, and mobile traffic becomes more and more relevant, having a local presence can make or break an internet based business.