Copy Writing

copy writing for your website

Copy writing - the art of speaking to your leads to entice them to contact you - is the single most important piece.  If your copy makes sense to an outsider, they are more likely to work with you because you "speak their language".  Your website is your calling card.  By putting top notch quality content in place, you are putting your best foot forward to your potential customers.

The essence of copy writing is presenting information that the visitors to your website will find both interesting and engaging.  By presenting your information in a voice that speaks to your visitors, you will encourage conversion of your visitors into potential customers. 

Copy writing begins with a review of your current site and building an understanding of your target demographic.  At One Web Company, we will take the time to interview you and build that buyer persona.  We will develop new content, or re-develop existing content as you request or direct.  

One Web Company offers Copy Writing services as an a la carte offering, or in combination with our other marketing services.  Use the form below to inquire about our prices and packages.