expert blogging for your company's blog

Companies that blog are more likely to convert visitors into potential customers.  The more you blog, the more your business is visible, especially when combined with other marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.  By blogging, you are giving back to your customers.

You are providing additional resources and information to visitors about your company, your knowledge and most importantly, your products and services.  All of these go toward enhancing your online reputation and building a stronger brand for your business. 

Blog maintenance is an offshoot of Copy Writing.  The more often that a business blogs about things that are interesting to both their existing clients as well as potential customers, the more likely visitors to the business site and blog are likely to convert into paying customers.  Blogging once each week is good, but people are 70% more likely to request more information when a new blog is posted 3 to 5 times each week.  

Blogging provides visibility and additional keyword matching when organic searches are performed.  Blogging entices visitors to the blog to share those posts on their social media outlets, again increasing your business visibility.  Blogging also serves a dual purpose, allowing you to share your blog posts and original website content on your social media pages, as well as keeping people informed and engaged with your products and services.

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