Internet Marketing

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    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing, sometimes mislabeled Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), is a valuable collection of tools that can be used separately or in conjunction with SEO.  These are the ads that you see when performing searches that run down the right side of the site, as well as the top position when searching.  But it is so much more than that.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media is the latest in building brand awareness, interaction with your customer base, as well as increasing the visibility of your company. Search Engine Land defines Social Media Marketing as the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that allow their users to perform different social updates.

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    Geo-Local Sales Optimization

    Is your company looking to branch out into another territory, but doesn't have an office in that territory yet?  Do you have sales or service personnel who work from home in supporting various regions? One Web Company offers our Geo-Local Sales Optimization plan to provide your company with a virtual sales rep for territories that you would like to expand into.

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    Call to Action Review

    Your Calls to Action, or CTAs, are what converts people visiting your site into potential customers.  Your CTAs should be clear and should be limited on each page to what that page's focus is.  Almost every page on your website should have something that gives a visitor a "next step" in your action plan for converting them into a customer.

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    Copy Writing

    Copy writing - the art of speaking to your leads to entice them to contact you - is the single most important piece.  If your copy makes sense to an outsider, they are more likely to work with you because you "speak their language".  Your website is your calling card.  By putting top notch quality content in place, you are putting your best foot forward to your potential customers.

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    Squeeze and Landing Pages

    Are you getting ready to launch a new service or product?  Do you want to draw specific focus to one of your existing services or products?  One Web Company provides design and development of squeeze or landing pages for your business offerings.

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    Blogging Is Your Best Friend

    Businesses that blog are likely to convert readers into customers. Like your besties, a blog speaks about the best you have to offer. Your blog can show off your talents, your communication skills, your knowledge, your products and services. Your blog can hog space in the search engine results pages, especially when combined with other marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, establishing you as a specialist in your field. 

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    Lead Source Tracking

    The final step in providing full Return on Investment tracking of your marketing efforts comes from tracking all potential lead sources. Do you have your phone number on your website? How many calls is that phone number generating? How are you tracking the incoming contact forms? Is your sales force trained in how to record inbound leads to accurately record their source?