Custom Application Development

custom application development by one web company

Have a fresh and new idea? Our custom development team can bring your dreams to life. Using our proven development system, we deliver a functioning beautiful application to you that has that much needed human touch.

There is a time and a place for everything.  Custom application development affords the most flexibility in developing your desired web application.  It is also the most costly.  Being a full service web agency, we weigh the costs of developing using an open source content management system as a framework to your site against developing the site custom "from the ground up", and will make recommendations based upon your business model, revenue streams, and whether developing a proof-of-concept site will serve your business goals better than all out development. 

It is never an easy decision to build a custom application.  Once you do, we will work with you from start to finish to produce the application you want, with no hidden fees or charges.  There are several factors to custom application development that are crucial to a successful endeavor. 

First and foremost, capturing the full scope of the project is an absolute must.  To that end, when bidding on a custom application, we will meet with you to get a basic understanding of your project.  We will discuss the goal of the project with our development team to come up with an estimate on the cost of the project.  Once we have that ball park figure, the first step in solidifying the final costs is development of a functional specification.  With that in hand, we will be able to provide a solid quote on the final costs of site development.   

Our custom application development team works with several different PHP frameworks.  We offer coding in:

  • Zend Framework
  • Kohana
  • Laravel
  • Symphony Framework
  • Cake PHP

All of our custom development work is done in a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) environment.  

While our development team lays the groundwork for your new web application, our design team will work with you to produce the designs for your website.  Once the designs are approved, our development and design teams will work hand in hand to deliver the project that you have requested. 

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