Search Engine Optmization (SEO) From Site Redesign

A long term client came to us to redesign their site to provide a fully responsive site, while maintaining their Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).  We analyzed their current site and built their new site on a different platform.   We created over 1000 redirects to preserve their SERP, and it was successful beyond our hopes.

thumb organic search post redesign

Note the leap up on December 4, 2013 when the new site was launched.  This increase was sustained and the client retained their SERP ranking.  

The other major benefit of this site redesign, and replacement of the underlying architecture, was an increase in Site Speed. We saw gains, almost across the board for this client:

  • Average load time down 36.7%
  • Domain look up time down 20.09%
  • Average server connection time down 40.54%
  • Average page download time down 58.44%

thumb sitespeed post redesign