Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at approximately 2 months

This client came to One Web Company to increase the visibility of their brand through organic search.  We worked with this client to identify their search engine optimization goals and worked out a strategy to increase that visibility on a limited budget.  As you can see from the impressions and clicks graph, there is an upward trend in both impressions and clicks as we have refined and focused both their search keywords as well as long tail search queries. 

impressions and clicks for Search Engine Optimization

An alternate view of impressions and clicks.  This is a month over month view of the increases we have provided for this client.

  • Impressions increased by 150%
  • Clicks increased by 14.29%

Because the impressions increased so dramatically,  the CTR or Click Through Rate dropped by 54%.  Finally,  the average position in the listing dropped from 5.6 to 17.  Part of the problem with this was that when the site was redesigned, this client did not set up 404 redirects to protect their Search Engine Rankings, so as the old links failed,  they were removed and the site lost its Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).  When redesigning a website, the use of 404 Redirects are "best practices" for search engine optimization and vital to maintain your SERP.

thumb google queries