This client came to One Web Company to increase the visibility of their brand through organic search.  We worked with this client to identify their search engine optimization goals and worked out a strategy to increase that visibility on a limited budget.  As you can see from the impressions and clicks graph, there is an upward trend in both impressions and clicks as we have refined and focused both their search keywords as well as long tail search queries. 

impressions and clicks for Search Engine Optimization

An alternate view of impressions and clicks.  This is a month over month view of the increases we have provided for this client.

  • Impressions increased by 150%
  • Clicks increased by 14.29%

Because the impressions increased so dramatically,  the CTR or Click Through Rate dropped by 54%.  Finally,  the average position in the listing dropped from 5.6 to 17.  Part of the problem with this was that when the site was redesigned, this client did not set up 404 redirects to protect their Search Engine Rankings, so as the old links failed,  they were removed and the site lost its Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).  When redesigning a website, the use of 404 Redirects are "best practices" for search engine optimization and vital to maintain your SERP.

thumb google queries

This is an example of one of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients.  They came to us 6 months ago trying to bring more traffic to their site as well as increase conversions to purchases and appointments.   This has been one of our most successful returns on 6 months of investment.  There have been significant improvements across the board, meeting all of the goals of this client.

  • Sessions up 33.91%
  • Users up 34.38%
  • Page views up 131.67%
  • Pages per session up 73%
  • Average session duration up 4.59%
  • Bounce rate down a fantastic 81.33%

The only statistic that is seemingly off is the percentage of new sessions, which was down by 8.23%.  However,  the number of new sessions is still 61.46%, demonstrating that a whopping 38.54% of visitors are returning customers.  This New Session ratio demonstrates both the satisfaction of existing customers as well as an excellent strategy to engage potential customers. This is how strategic search engine optimization can help to boost your business. 

thumb search engine optimization at 6 months report

A long term client came to us to redesign their site to provide a fully responsive site, while maintaining their Search Engine Rank Position (SERP).  We analyzed their current site and built their new site on a different platform.   We created over 1000 redirects to preserve their SERP, and it was successful beyond our hopes.

thumb organic search post redesign

Note the leap up on December 4, 2013 when the new site was launched.  This increase was sustained and the client retained their SERP ranking.  

The other major benefit of this site redesign, and replacement of the underlying architecture, was an increase in Site Speed. We saw gains, almost across the board for this client:

  • Average load time down 36.7%
  • Domain look up time down 20.09%
  • Average server connection time down 40.54%
  • Average page download time down 58.44%

thumb sitespeed post redesign

A long term SEO client came to One Web Company to redesign and rebuild their site.  Knowing how important 404 Redirects are to maintaining your Search Engine Rank Position (SERP), we strongly urged this client to do this.  However,  they decided not to do this.  You can see the almost steady drop in the SERP after launching the new site.

thumb organic search post redesign no redirects

Over the past 6 months, we have worked hard on the visitor attrition from the website.   The month we launched their site the client had 6,134 sessions in February.  As of August,  this client is still fighting the attrition to their sessions, and had 4,121 unique sessions,  and that was UP from 3,865 unique sessions the month before.  

Site Launch of the site without 404 Redirects

We are regaining ground from what was lost, and some surprising changes with the Information Architecture that was done, as well making the site easier and more intuitive to navigate.

  • Surprises Resulting From Smart Search Engine Optimization Tactics
    • Pages per session is slightly down at 8 pages per visit down from 8.27 pages per visit.
    • Session duration is slightly down at 4 minutes 17 seconds down from 4 minutes 51 seconds
    • The number of page views has increased thanks to the better navigation.
    • The Bounce Rate has reduced thanks to better navigation.
  • Sessions have increased to 4,121 from 3,865  (The client LOST half of their sessions because of no 404 Redirects)
  • Users have increased to 2,918 from 2,769 (The client lost approximately 1000 users because of no 404 Redirects)
  • Almost across the board, the statistics have been reduced.

As you can see, enlisting the services of a professional search engine optimization firm can not only boost your presence for people who are already searching for the products and/or services you offer but in many ways, "best practices" in search engine optimization can be deployed to keep from losing ground to your competitors.

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Regaining ground 5 months after site launch