Is Your Website Ready For Mobile First Indexing?

The technology of tomorrow is here today and has resulted in an array of device users who access the internet on the go. Add to that the fact that Google is currently prioritizing Mobile First in it's Search Pages and you can understand why Website Compatibility for Mobile and Tablet users is critical. One Web Company has the technical know-how to build or convert your website into a user-friendly design for all mobile applications and interfaces. Contact One Web Company to review affordable options that will increase online exposure for your website, eCommerce site, and blog.

Mobile computing is the single fastest growing usage demographic in the country. As a business owner, displaying mobile contributions provides another source to allow visitors to find more information about your products and services.

Mobile Friendly Websites

There are several ways to construct a mobile friendly site. One is to produce a completely independent website devoted to the mobile market, then deploying a switcher to send a mobile user to your dedicated mobile site.This will ensure the user has a good experience. This also means that you must maintain two sets of content.  

At One Web Company we strive to keep the work you have to do to a minimum. We approach mobile sites from a maintainability standpoint. You, or a member of your team, has taken the time to create quality evergreen content for your visitors. Utilizing that content across your web offerings is the most sensible way to keep your website maintenance costs down.  

We will work with you to build a mobile website that meets your needs, without having to maintain duplicate content and information in multiple places. 


One Web Company can produce apps from content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla and build custom apps that connect to a website management interface.

The first step in building your app is to understand the business logic behind it. One Web Company will meet with you to review  the functionality of your app idea, then explore and make recommendations regarding the business logic of your app.  Exploring the options of your app  helps you plan future development and enhancements, providing users with a robust app that will meet your business goals and their wants and needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                One Web Company can help you create sales tool apps such as brochures, inventories, and field records for reps; games, social networks, photo sharing, you name it, One Web Company can build it.

Help us help you get the internet presence you require! Call One Web Company to consult with one of our representatives about your needs: +1 (619) 500-6252