Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at 6 months with One Web Company

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This is an example of one of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients.  They came to us 6 months ago trying to bring more traffic to their site as well as increase conversions to purchases and appointments.   This has been one of our most successful returns on 6 months of investment.  There have been significant improvements across the board, meeting all of the goals of this client.

  • Sessions up 33.91%
  • Users up 34.38%
  • Page views up 131.67%
  • Pages per session up 73%
  • Average session duration up 4.59%
  • Bounce rate down a fantastic 81.33%

The only statistic that is seemingly off is the percentage of new sessions, which was down by 8.23%.  However,  the number of new sessions is still 61.46%, demonstrating that a whopping 38.54% of visitors are returning customers.  This New Session ratio demonstrates both the satisfaction of existing customers as well as an excellent strategy to engage potential customers. This is how strategic search engine optimization can help to boost your business. 

thumb search engine optimization at 6 months report