mobile first indexing

  • Blogging Is Your Best Friend

    Blogging word cloud.

    Businesses that blog are likely to convert readers into customers. Like your besties, a blog speaks about the best you have to offer. Your blog can show off your talents, your communication skills, your knowledge, your products and services. Your blog can hog space in the search engine results pages, especially when combined with other marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, establishing you as a specialist in your field. 

  • Is Your Website Ready For Mobile First Indexing?

    Google prioritizes mobile first indexing in search results.

    The technology of tomorrow is here today and has resulted in an array of device users who access the internet on the go. Add to that the fact that Google is currently prioritizing Mobile First in it's Search Pages and you can understand why Website Compatibility for Mobile and Tablet users is critical. One Web Company has the technical know-how to build or convert your website into a user-friendly design for all mobile applications and interfaces. Contact One Web Company to review affordable options that will increase online exposure for your website, eCommerce site, and blog.