• Forever Fresh: Evergreen Content for Blogs and Websites

    Evergreen tree clip art in greens and black with text: "Forever Fresh: Evergreen Content"


    "What is Evergreen Content?"


    Evergreen Content is...

    ...main content that supports the purpose of the landing page, web page, or website.

    ...always relevant.

    ...valuable to your audience.






    ...eternally marketable.






  • Is your blog post too long?

    Is your blog Post to long?

    The common adage in the web world is that people don't read.  You have roughly 7 to 10 seconds to capture a visitor's attention or they will be on to the next thing.  So have you ever wondered, "is my blog post too long?"

  • Word Count Effect on the SERPs and Social Shares

    Graph showing ranking or articles by word content

                   "When You Work With Words, Words Are Your Work" :
                                   Word Count Effect on the SERPs and Social Shares


    Don Knotts as Luther Heggs in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken


    When One Web Company asked me to write a blog article about content, I thought of all the approaches I could take to address the subject. I decided to tackle word count as it has been an aspect of SEO that has grown since 2011 in discussion and scrutiny.