One Web Company recently had the honor of donating a brand new website to the amazing Assistance League® of Greater San Diego. These women do such an incredible job supporting the San Diego community and their old site was not doing them justice - or getting them the visits they deserve. Their Thrift Shop is chock full of fun and interesting items and is laid out like a snazzy upscale boutique.

Unfortunately, the location is a bit hidden away at the end of the business district of University Avenue in Hillcrest and a lot of people don't even realize it's there. We are hoping that their new site, with all kinds of fun bells and whistles, will generate traffic and bring people in to the brick and mortar store. Once there, they are sure to be impressed and tell their friends.  The Assistance League® of Greater San Diego Thrift Shop is the main source of income for the local chapter and helps fund all of their programs. While they do receive very generous donations from a variety of organizations, without the income from the Thrift Shop, they would not be able to do the work they do and support the San Diego community in the way they have been for the past 50 years. So, go take yourself shopping and see what the ALGSD Thrift Shop has to offer. You may be surprised!

Old ALGSD HomeThe original ALGSD site, as you can see, was pretty basic and not very appealing to the eye. Here is a screen shot of the old site. The red color was a bit jarring to the senses and didn't really encourage further exploration into the site. Plus, the menu items were hard to see, as they were yellow against the red background.

On our visit to the ALGSD location, we had the opportunity to take a tour of the facility and find out exactly what the Assistance League® is all about and what their needs were. In the back, they have racks and racks of school uniforms for their Operation School Bell® program. Children get to come in and shop for their school uniforms - everything from socks and underwear to pants or skirts and jackets. It is a wonderful program for lower income families and gives the children the feeling of specialness they deserve. Mom and Dad have to stay in the waiting room and the kids get to do their own shopping! This is the kind of thing that needs to be highlighted on their website so the community knows what they can offer. Their old site didn't really highlight their programs in a way that made it easy to find for the typical site visitor.

Home Assistance League Greater San Diego 20151008 pngAfter our visit, we came up with ideas to make the site look better and more appealing. The new site is much cleaner and more professional looking, as well as being fully mobile responsive. It is easy to navigate and find the information the visitor is looking for. We are working on putting in a gallery of pictures that with highlight the charitable works the Assistance League® does. 

ALGSD has a lot of programs with the local schools in San Diego, Mark Twain High School among them. They also have a Community College scholarship program.

Now why, you may ask, would One Web Company donate a site? The answer is very simple. We like to give back to our community and this organization is a perfect example of one that deserves all the support they can get. Plus, my mother has been involved in the Assistance League® in the Riverside area for years. When she retired, she became even more involved and says now "I don't know how I ever had time to actually work!".  This organization has kept her busy and vibrant well into her 80's and I'm very grateful for everything they have done for her. When I found the original site and saw that it needed a lot of work, I told Mike and Bryan that we HAVE to help them. And they listened! Additionally, when we met Barbara, the person at ALGSD that works on the website, we completely fell in love with her and knew we had to make their site better. And we did!

All in all, the Assistance League® of Greater San Diego is an incredible organization full of amazing and dedicated volunteers. Their site can be found here. Go take a peek and go visit them. You'll be glad you did!