Why Do I Need To Redesign My Website?

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Site redesigns can strike fear in the most courageous entrepreneur. Small businesses and start-ups are running a very lean machine in order to stay in business and make enough profit to survive. Who has time to go through the rigmarole involved with redesigning a website that is already working? One Web Company was in a similar position. A look back into the aftermath of our relaunched site as a start-up tells the entire story of "Why do I need to redesign my website?".

When One Web Company was a start-up, we were in the same position as other entrepreneurs. We needed an attractive and functional website. While the staff at One Web Company could do the  work to achieve this, we didn't have time; we were all busy working on projects for our clients. So, we found a template that suited our needs and built our website.

Website Redesign Decision 

For two years our original website served its purpose and functioned reasonably well, but as time passed the site became dated. The Responsive design started to break down as mobile device operating systems multiplied. We began creating content to be featured on our refreshed website design.

Post Redesign Analytics

thumb mobile analytics one web companyAbout a month after launching the new website, we reviewed our Google Analytics. We were happy, but not surprised, about the results. We noticed a 17% increase in mobile traffic, bounce rate dropped by 66%, and page sessions increased by 56%. One interesting thing to note is that due to the architectural changes in the navigation, the average session duration dropped by 12%. While some would think that this was a bad thing, we viewed it as a positive. People were able to find what they were looking for more quickly! This had a two fold benefit. First, because people were able to find what they were looking for, they were not on our site as long, which resulted in reduced bandwidth and server load that helped create a fast loading website. Second, it was a strong indicator, especially on mobile, that the content itself was easy to read. Both of these points, when combined with more pages per session and a reduced bounce rate, spoke to ease of navigation and ease of content consumption.



thumb overall analytics one web companyThe One Web Company post-redesign analytics for all viewports were consistent. Sessions were up 5.71%, users were up 6.06%, page views were up 38.34%, pages per session were up 30.87%, and bounce rate was down 68.47%. Average session duration was down by 5.28%.

thumb channels report google analytics one web companyAcquisition channels showed that the new site was preferred over the previous site. Organic search results were up 26.71%, and social referrals were up 62.5%.  Referral traffic was down, but rebounded as we worked to redirect pages that displayed 404 errors (page not found).

In reviewing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we discovered that our numbers improved. Impressions - the number of times a site comes up for any given search - were up an impressive 283%. Clicks were up 318.75%. Our average listing position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) was up 34.59%.CTR (Click Through Rate) was up 9.14%. thumb queries one web company



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