Keeping your web site up to date is critical to reducing your chance of being hacked

Hackers are out there and every day they manage to gain access into hundreds if not thousands of sites.   All sites are targets for them, especially sites with out of date software - either the CMS itself or Plug-ins/Extensions. These older versions sometimes have known security issues that hackers can use to attack your site.

In fact, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is urging WordPress users to patch plugins for the popular content management system following a spate of ISIS-branded website attacks.   We repaired one of these hacks the other day for a client, and can tell you that spending the time to either take care of your site yourself or moving to one of our Managed Hosting plans is well worth the cost as compared to the cost of removing the hack, let alone the downtime for your site when customers cannot find you.  To read their statement click here.