Joomla Quick Tip - Override a component CSS

CSS override in joomla 2.x and 3.x

I'm not sure this will work for everything.  However, today I was performing an upgrade to a Joomla site with Virtuemart.  When I completed the upgrade, I discovered that the virtuemart-ltr.css file has been overwritten in the component.  I did not know that that file had been updated.  Fortunately I was working on my development server!

So, I made a copy of the original virtuemart-ltr.css file and placed it in the CSS directory of my template, reloaded my page, and the Joomla system started using the virtuemart-ltr.css file that was in my templates directory, instead of the one in com_virtuermart/assets/css/. 

Just a short quick tip when working with Joomla -- Check out and see if the component or module that you are working on supports this feature!