Facebook Like not working? Check your compression settings!

Facebook share broken from gzip compression

Recently,  I have noted a problem with the social sharing from One Web Company to Facebook.   The symptom is that as you can see from the image, but Facebook could not see anything about the page I was sharing!


Social sharing is a very important aspect of business.  Who doesn't want free advertising?   When your posts are shared on social media, that is exactly what is happening.  

So, what happens when social sharing isn't functioning correctly?   Your posts bomb.   One Web Company has been having this problem for a little while, and it took a bit of research to figure out why.  

As it turns out, Facebook is at odds with Google!   Facebook can not handle GZIP compression, while Google recommends it to speed up your site.  

I turned off GZIP compression on One Web Company, and Facebook can now see the page again!

Anecdotally, the reason you need to make sure that Facebook can read your page: more than twice as many people viewed my Facebook posts where Facebook could read the page I was sharing versus the ones  I shared during the time that my website was having this problem!

Check out what Facebook will be able to use when it scans your page during a Like or Share operation

Do you see problems with what is being displayed?

Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on "See exactly what our scraper sees for your URL".  That will show you exactly what Facebook sees when crawling your site.  With GZIP compression, it was a blank page for me.  Without it, I saw the raw HTML. 

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