Corporate Social Responsibility - Like Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps in the sand - Corporate responsibility and charitable work

Looking out across the landscape of the business world,  you encounter all types of business.  One of the most important are the charity organizations.  At One Web Company, we feel that Corporate Responsibility starts within our company.  We encourage those who work with us, whether employee or contractor, to bring to light charitable organizations and causes that are important to them.   Why?  Because when we are helping our people help those that are important them, our business is better, and our contributions become a valued personal service that we provide and we build a sense of community that extends beyond the walls of our organization.

This year,  we have received a number of recommendations on Charitable organizations to work with.  Our role with each of the charitable organizations has been different.  The end result in each case is as varied as the work that we do for these organizations. 

Recently,  we have had the opportunity to work with three fantastic organizations, all of which, the staff of One Web Company have put forward for consideration.

The Assisitance League of Greater San Diego is a local chapter of the National Organization.  This organization has a number of different philanthropic efforts.  To help defray the cost of these efforts,  the organization also runs a thrift shop.  They also hold several fund raising events through out the year.  This organization is comprised of more than 200 members who contribute their time to support the needs of the community.  They employ no full-time or part-time staff.  We are working with them to provide a new website that is built on the latest web technologies while still keeping it simple for them to maintain and update their website (new website coming soon).

NFAR - National Foundation for Autism Research is another organization that was brought to our attention as a candidate for our Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.  NFAR's mission is to help in the development, expansion and support of autism programs and services that improve the quality of life for children and young adults with autism. Their staff has a good grasp of web technologies, but looked for an organization to partner with for those web items that were either beyond their skills, or would take to long for them to personally implement.  So, our role with NFAR is done on a consulting basis.  Some of the work that they do includes educational workshops, parent programs, community projects, teacher grants and "Give a Future".   Their Give a Future campaign is dedicated to ensuring that San Diego families impacted by an autism diagnosis have access to resources and opportunities that can give them the building blocks to reach their goals.

Next Step Service Dogsservice-dog-concept is an organization that helps to reduce the costs for veterans who need service dogs from costing thousands of dollars to $150.  They work with both the dog and the individual to provide training so that there is a good integration between the two.  After the service dog is certified with the client,  the client takes full responsibility for the well being of the dog and the future dog-related expenses.  Once the training is complete, Next Step Service Dogs continue to work with their clients in case follow-up training is needed. They also provide advice or consultation with trainers, annual recertification and other support services where necessary.

While One Web Company can not help every charity, we believe that by embracing and actively pursuing our own Corporate Social Responsibility, we are able to give back to the community that helps to make us successful.  By empowering our staff to identify and work with those charities that are important to them, our staff and the charities they support become part of the One Web Company family.  

While our efforts may not change the world, even if we only change the world for one person, our efforts are worthwhile. 

Do you have an charitable organization that would benefit from our agency services,  please let us know by using the contact form below.