• Canonical URLs in Joomla 3.x

    Did you know that in Joomla 3, the SEF system plugin automatically sets the Canonical URL for any page you create? Did you know that the SEF system plugin has a bug in it that displays incorrect information for the Canonical URL that will prevent any sub-pages to a "blog roll" display from having the correct Canonical URL? 

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 05 May 2013
  • [Info Graphic] - The importance of Mobile in Business Today

    Mobile computing and content consumption continues to grow.  Are you riding the wave as your visitors and potential customers move away from browsing on a computer and towards browsing on their mobile device? 

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 02 May 2013
  • Google Analytics Bounce rate

    Bounce rate reporting in Google Analytics

    I don't know about you, but I often look at my analytics reports to see how my site is working.  In fact, I look at the analytics, pretty much every day.  I have watched my bounce rate go back and forth, especially when the site was brand new.  There were days that would show a bounce rate of 0% and days when the bounce rate was 100%.  And I had to scratch my head.  

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 30 April 2013
  • Coca Cola's branding is cohesive across all of their web properties

    Foundations of a Good Website Redesign

    Redesigning a website can be a scary proposition.  But after a certain amount of time, even the best design looks dated.  

    There are several things to keep in mind anytime you undergo a redesign.  Some of them are easy and simple, some are more challenging.  

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 29 April 2013
  • Finding a Web Design Company is tough! 5 questions you should ask!

    Finding a web design company is tough.  If you do a Google Search, you will find 2,350,000,000 results for the keywords "web design.  Seriously!  Try it yourself!  How do you select the company that is right for you?

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 13 April 2013
  • Welcome to the One Web Company Blog

    Welcome to the One Web Company blog! 

    We are excited to begin and to share our knowledge with you!  In this blog we will be writing articles, not only about our various services, but also to share information and best practices for building your business online!

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 01 April 2013
  • Starting a business

    Starting Your Business

    Starting a new business is a scary proposition.  There is, certainly, a time commitment and often times, with the need for a website, Search Engine Optimization and other marketing services, it can be a costly investment, too!

    Author: Bryan
    Published: 28 April 2013