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05-03-17 12:00
Thank you One Web Company and specifically, Mike and Dorys. This has been a very long process and Mike's patience and commitment to our organization was above and beyond. Dory made the entire web design painless and very efficient.
I cannot thank them enough.
06-24-15 15:04
One Web Company has been doing work for me for several years now.
They have been efficient, friendly, and very helpful in answering my questions.
They helped me learn the maintenance of my website and help me with anything I need throughout the year.
They are affordable, fast, and were extremely helpful when designing my website, offering me options and ways to create exactly what I want and need.
I would strongly recommend using them for any of your online needs.
MIchael J
08-24-14 15:04
Everyone has their specialty. Mine isn't technology. When it comes to hosting, creating, and putting together a website, One Web Company certainly makes it clear that is their specialty. When I had a question, they were quick to respond in language I could understand. I am not the easiest client but they got my project done well and saved me some dollars in the process.
05-16-14 12:34
Thank you for your outstanding service to our company. You help us be successful and there is not a value that can be placed on that!
Michelle R
03-19-14 15:03
This company is simply the best. I was with a large national company who made, updated and hosted my site and it was a nightmare just getting someone on the phone to ask a question, let alone get anything done. These guys are knowledgeable , fast and get the job done. The right website can make or break your business and this company has made mine so much more profitable. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Joseph W. Brock
03-19-14 15:03
We are very new to your services and are just learning how best to avail ourselves to them. However, so far we have been very happy with the results and the \\\"lessons learned\\\".
Blu Parlet
04-24-13 15:28
It is a relief to know that One Web Company is there for us, meeting our needs consistently, gracefully and efficiently. Make the move to One Web Company! You will be glad you did.
Duff Roberts
04-24-13 15:27
If you considering employing One Web Company to host or support your website, let me end your doubt: DO IT!
Prior to turning my business website over to One Web Company, I had a number of bad experiences with companies whose customer service departments’ employees clearly did not know the meaning of “service.” Their demeanors were snobbish, techno-minded, high-minded and just plain shoddy.
Thank god I found One Web Company. During the past four years we have worked on my website in a variety of capacities and I can say (actually, I want to shout) working with this company has been the best experience ever! Their high level of quality service and professionalism are a breath of fresh air. They are accessible. They are responsive to client needs. They are amazingly patient with those of us who are not so techno literate. They advocate for their clients doing what is best for them versus what is best for their wallet. Simply put, One Web Company is wonderful!
04-24-13 15:26
Wonderful site! Very easy to navigate with a lot of good, clear information.