Management Team

bryan teague headshotBryan Teague - CEO

Bryan brings more than 25 years of experience in the high tech industry to One Web Company. He has a background in High volume transaction processing working for America Online.  He contributed to the growth of the online service from 1500 simultaneous users to over 20,000 simultaneous users.   He was tasked with setting up and building out the Network Operations Center at America Online. He grew the organization from a group of 5 to over 50 people.   He developed the AOL Runbook for the Computer and Network Operators, reducing the time to resolution for problems occurring on the host system through educating and developing tools for the NOC to use, both in monitoring and problem resolution.   He went onto the Internet Operations department where he worked as a project manager for AOL’s forward facing web hosting service. After the sale of the AOL Hosting facility to Verisign, he oversaw the Systems integration and Security for the Internet Operations department, implementing a new way of building systems integrating security concepts in to the golden master clones that were used to build a host server. He then headed up a number of task forces resolving “hot issues” that were not able to be solved without cross-departmental help. Most notably, he is responsible for resolving network issues in AOL’s web caching farm for the display of internet graphics connected with websites.  In his final years at America Online, Bryan returned to the Network Operations Center as the Manager of Enterprise Management, developing a monitoring and metrics system to handle the 11,000+ host server complex in to a seamless integrated dashboard system with standardized error reporting and integrated recovery knowledge base.

Since his time at America Online, Bryan has worked in technical and management positions for both large and small organizations, including NMCI network as a contractor with EDS, Art Media Group as their senior Programmer managing a staff of 3, and running a full service web agency.

MikeMike Underwood - President and COO

Mike brings a wealth of experience across many Information Technology functional areas with him to One Web Company.

CarylCaryl Morgan - VP of Client Relations and Billing Manager



annieAnnie Romano - Senior Account Manager

 Annie loves working with One Web Company - learns something new every day from the team. Working with the clients is always rewarding.