One Web Company builds E-Commerce Websites

Shopping online for goods and services has grown exponentially since the beginning of the World Wide Web. Look at how the face of brick and mortar is changing in reaction to consumer behavior due to the increase in shopping and search traffic online. These days you must have a web presence in order to build your clientele. One Web Company can help you find the right web solutions for your business to succeed. Contact One Web Company today to discuss your needs. +1 (619) 500-6252

There are many open source e-commerce systems that you can choose from, or you can have a completely custom e-commerce site built that is tailored to your needs. 

At One Web Company, we have e-commerce solutions that will grow with your business. In addition to designing and building custom e-commerce websites, we also build and deploy e-commerce websites based on several open source e-commerce technologies, including:

  • Joomla and MijoShop - the best solutions for small e-commerce systems
  • Prestashop -- good for small to medium businesses with excellent reporting on inventory and sales
  • Magento  -- good for medium to large businesses with significant product offerings.

What could be better than finding products and services you believe in, building a website that will allow your customers and potential customers to purchase them online, and making money?

Taking on the challenge of e-commerce in today's shifting economy and tax laws can be daunting.There are many things to consider, including collecting state sales taxes, shipping and handling charges, and secure credit card processing. One Web Company's e-commerce planning takes in to account items such as:

  • Marketing
    • Will you offer promotional discount codes to your entire audience, or to a segmented group?
    • Customer segmentation into different groups to ensure the best appeal for your products
    • Gift certificates and gift cards
  • Merchandising
    • Simplified inventory and accounting
    • Personalized look and feel for for your products
    • Dynamic merchandising and image display for products, including product zoom, color switching, panning and rotating
  • Logistics
    • Shipping controls with the major US and international shipping companies to calculate fees
    • Multi-ship - splitting an order that has been placed and shipping parts of it to different locations
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Ensuring PCI compliance
    • Using the latest software
    • Integration with payment processors.

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