Blogging Is Your Best Friend

expert blogging for your company's blog

Businesses that blog are likely to convert readers into customers. Like your besties, a blog speaks about the best you have to offer. Your blog can show off your talents, your communication skills, your knowledge, your products and services. Your blog can hog space in the search engine results pages, especially when combined with other marketing such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, establishing you as a specialist in your field. 

By blogging you are providing additional resources and information to visitors about your company, which enhances your online reputation and builds a stronger brand for your business. 

Blog maintenance is an offshoot of Copy Writing. Businesses that blog receive more clicks through to their websites that result in new customers. Blogging once each week is good, but people are 70% more likely to request more information when a new blog is posted 3 to 5 times each week.  

Blogging provides visibility and additional keyword and meta tag matching when searches are performed, particularly in the recent algorithm changes on Google's SERPs. Blogging entices visitors to your website from where they share your posts on their social media outlets and may quote you and provide backlinks, which also help in the search engine results. Remember to share your own blog entries on your own social media platforms and to tag influencers in your field.

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